ATHEX statistical information products, except for historical data, are available on a subscription basis. The duration of the subscriptions is one or three years, while the frequency of the issue and dispatch of the data can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly depending on the customer's needs.

The products with historical data are available on request and they cover the period of time that the customer chooses.

The pricing of the statistical products vary depending on the category and the type of product and the period of data.

If you need to ask about the statistical information products, send an e-mail to the electronic address Additionally, for acquiring statistical information products on a subsription basis the signing of a contract is required.

Payment Details:

  • Please, deposit the appropriate amount in one of our deposit accounts held at:
    • National Bank Of Greece, IBAN: GR18 0110 0400 0000 0404 7254 505,
      86 Aiolou Str., 102 32 Athens Greece, SWIFT Cod: ETHNGRAA
    • Alpha Bank, IBAN: GR56 0140 1010 1010 0200 2012 380

Ask for your name/company to be included on the deposit receipt and fax your bank receipt to the following number: + 30 210 33 66 668.

If you have any inquiries regarding the Information Statistical Products and their disposal method
and you need further clarifications on their pricing do not hesitate to contact us.






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