Date & Time:     20 June 2024, 17:00 - 21:00
Registration Deadline:     14 June 2024
Duration     4
Language:     Greek
Format:     In person
Participation Fee:     300 € + VAT (24%)
Material Level:     Specialized - Introductory
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Brief Description

Regulatory compliance of members and participants of the financial market in matters of market abuse to further assist them in better understanding and submission of relevant reports to supervisory authorities.

Target Audience

The seminar is addressed to investment advisors, stock market executives, bank insurance executives, students and graduates of finance, but also in general to those who are interested in knowing and understanding the supervisory obligations arising from compliance with EU market abuse as well as their incorporation into Greek legislation.


The aim of the seminar is to understand the supervisory regulatory obligations as this training of individuals who have or will acquire a position in the investment community is necessary to improve the quality of services they may provide to investors in the Greek capital market.


Upon completion of this regulatory compliance seminar, participants:

  • will be able to comply with the obligations arising from MiFID II, EU Regulation 596/2014 on market abuse (MAR),irective 2014/57 / EU ?MAD II- of the European Parliament and of the Council on criminal sanctions for market abuse.
  • will be able to support their audit work to identify behaviors that put their investment services at risk and refer to delinquent behaviors.
  • will be informed of the required controls arising from their obligation to recognize possible market abuse.
  • will be able to protect their customers from possible delinquent behaviors.
  • Presentation of central ideas and institutional framework
  • Reporting examples & case studies
Seminar Plan

The seminar focusses on the following subjects:

  • Purpose, markets and instruments within the scope of application MAR / MAD II / MiFID II
  • Usual practices of participants concerning trading
  • Order record keeping ATHEX Members (Internal-External ORK structure description)
  • Legislative framework on supervision, definitions of manipulation, abuse of privileged information
  • Liabilities arising from MAR / MAD II / MiFID II, systems and procedures for the prevention / detection of participants in either transactions or attempted misuse, privileged information, manipulation
  • Presenting inside information / manipulation reports. Detection of evidence for inside information, market abuse
  • Obligations to disclose the transactions of the participants
  • Exceptions: Market practices that do not fall within the areas of abuse / privilege


Manolis Skarmeas
Director of Market Operation & Surveillance Division at the Athens Stock Exchange

Manolis Skarmeas is highly educated in financial markets with extensive experience in all aspects of market supervision as Director of Market Operation & Surveillance Division at the Athens Stock Exchange, as former General Director at the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, as former Head of the Public Prosecutor's Office for economic crime, and as a member of the Anti-Money-Laundering Authority. He has been a member of legislative committees for the transposition of EU law into Greek legislation regarding market abuse (MAD), MiFID, public takeover bids, Financial Conglomerates, and transparency. In recent years, he has been involved in analyzing the MiFID II, MAD II directives, and the MIFIR, MAR regulations with the aim of their integration into electronic systems and the Exchange's Regulation, as well as implementing an advanced system for monitoring transactions on the organized markets managed by the Athens Stock Exchange.



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