Transactions by Piraeus Bank

Hellenic Exchanges – Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) announces, pursuant to the provisions of art. 6 of decision 3/347/12.7.2005 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and Regulation (EU) 596/2014, that Piraeus Bank notified it on 24.09.2021 that:

  • On 21.09.2021 it acquired 1,500 shares of ATHEX (symbol: EXAE)
  • On 22.09.2021 it transferred 1,500 shares of ATHEX

The transactions concern the acquisition and transfer of share collaterals as part of contracts to sell and transfer business receivables – securitization (law 3156/2003).

The notification by Pireaus Bank to the company and in turn by the company to the capital market authorities, is disclosed because Mr. George Handjinikolaou is Chairman of the Piraeus Bank Board of Directors, while at the same time he is the non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of ATHEX.


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