Own shares' announcement of 22/4/2024

"Performance Technologies SA" ("Company") informs the investing public that, in implementation of the 31/1/2024 decision of the 8th item of the Agenda of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company's shareholders, as specified by the 12/4/2024 decision of the Board of Directors, on Monday 22/4/2024 it purchased 1,000 own shares with an average purchase price of 5.92 euros per share, with a total value of 5,865.76 euros.

Following the recent purchases and the cumulative effect of the previous share purchase program decided by the regular General Meeting of 9/8/2022, the Company now holds 51,800 own shares, corresponding to 0.37% of the Company's total shares.

The announcement was issued under Regulation (EU) no. 596/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council on April 16, 2014, and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 of March 8, 2016.


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