Herald Tribune classes Intralot among the listed firms that offer the highest dividend yield

Athens, Greece · October, 2002. According to a Herald Tribune article released ?the great decline in share prices provides investors with many buying opportunities, since there are listed firms which do not fit into the present bleak landscape but whose results show a market improvement and are thus expected to increase dividends?. In this context, Intralot is included among the companies of the Athens Stock Exchange with the highest dividend yield, such as Hyatt Regency, Public Power Corporation etc.

The effort of Intralot is to produce high shareholder return, that is, capital gains and significant dividend yield. The remarkable increase in profits for the first half of 2002 and the ability to generate significant free cash flow enables the company to continue distributing high dividends. It's worth reminding that Intralot will distribute an interim dividend (?0,29) in the forthcoming weeks.

Intralot is engaged in the development of integrated gaming systems and provides multiple services related to the design, development, operation and support of games. Based on its extensive know how, advanced product development specifications and substantial experience in organizing and operating lottery games, Intralot can offer its clients custom-made integrated solutions, which ensure maximum efficiency and absolute security. Following a highly successful period of rapid growth, Intralot is ranked 3rd in revenues and 2nd in profits, based on 2001 financial results, among lottery suppliers worldwide, and maintains a steady course towards the leading position in the global market. Today the company has secured an important position in the European and South American markets while is expanding its presence in North America and S.E. Asia.


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