Launch of the «ATHEX BONDS GREENet»

 January 21st 2022
Launch of the «ATHEX BONDS GREENet»


The Athens Stock Exchange, in the context of its continuous actions to support and promote internationally recognized best practices in the communication between issuers and investors about the characteristics of sustainable investments available in the Greek capital market, announces the launch of the special information hub "ATHEX BONDS GREENet" on its website.
On the new information hub there will be displayed bonds listed/admitted to trading on the ATHEX markets (Main Market, EN.A) for which, at the time of their issuance, issuers have determined that by following internationally recognized principles/standards (ICMA, CBI Certification, etc.), either they will use the proceeds to finance Green, Social or a combination of Green and Social Projects, or their bonds have been characterized as Sustainability-Linked Bonds.
"ATHEX BONDS GREENet" does not constitute a separate trading venue, market or segment of Law 4514/2018, but it is an information hub exclusively for the purposes of updating and displaying Issuers' publicly available documents.
"ATHEX BONDS GREENet" will operate in support of ATHEX Bond Markets by shaping a coherent digital communication hub where:
  • Issuers of bonds related to sustainable investments will promote to the investment community the ESG principles of the issuance, as well as the compliance with the latter throughout the lifetime of the bonds.
  • Investors will have access to concentrated and therefore easily comparable information which is related to issuers' ESG activity that comes directly from them and the steps they take in accordance with the principles that issuers have followed for the issuance.
This initiative is in the context of the European growing effort to raise awareness on the ESG trend in the capital market ecosystem, focusing on the financing strategy of the sustainable economy.
On the first day of operation of the new information hub, 4 bonds are being displayed of the issuers that have been characterized as ESG and are listed/admitted to trading in the Regulated Market of ATHEX:
  • PRODEA R.E.I.C. S.A. 
The terms and conditions for the display of a bond on "ATHEX BONDS GREENet" are being determined by the Resolution (meeting of 182/15.12.2021) of the Stock Markets Steering Committee of Athens Exchange S.A. and are being summarized below:
  • Publication of an announcement by the issuer with the basic characteristics of the bond, as well as the commitments undertaken by the issuer in accordance with the internationally recognized principles/standards which are referred to in the issuance's Prospectus.
  • External assurance at the Pre and Post Issuance stage of the bond.
  • Provision of periodic and extraordinary ESG information in accordance with the principles/standards which are being determined at the time of the issuance and the availability of such information throughout the lifetime of the bond.




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