Decisions of the Shareholders' Extraordinary General Assembly

On the 28th day of August 2021, TERNA ENERGY FINANCE S.A. held the Ordinary General Assembly, in which the sole shareholder, TERNA ENERGY S.A., duly represented, participated and the following decisions were made:


Item 1:  The General Assembly elected a new five-member Board of Directors, with a four-year term, consisting of:

1. Vasilis Delikaterinis

2. Dimitra Chatziarseniou

3. Aristotelis Spiliotis

4. Georgios Mergos    Independent non-executive member,

5. Andreas Taprantzis    Independent non-executive member

For the Members of the Board of Directors, the conditions of articles 3 and 5 of law 4706/2020 are met, regarding adequate representation by gender and the total number of independent non-executive members in the Board of Directors and the suitability criteria provided by the current regulatory framework are met and the internal rules of operation of the company and the independent non-executive members meet the conditions of independence set by the current regulatory framework.


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