Announcement of Cancellation and Delisting of Shares

Kifissia, 17 September 2021


Announcement of Cancellation and Delisting of Shares



AUTOHELLAS Societe Anonyme Tourist and Commercial Company ("Autohellas" or "Company") informs the investing public that the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company's shareholders, held on 01/09/2021, decided, among other issues, to reduce its shareholding by € 18,418.88, with a reduction of the total number of shares from 48,855,000 to 48,624,764 common, registered voting shares, due to the cancellation of 230,236 treasury shares of the Company, according to article 49 of Law 4548/2018.


The aforementioned treasury shares were acquired in the period from 24.04.2014 to 24.05.2021, with an average purchase price of € 1.1125 per share, in the framework of the Program for the Acquisition of Own Shares, approved by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (meeting of 24.04.2012) according to article 16 of the then valid law 2190/1920.


After the above reduction due to the cancellation of the shares, the share capital of the Company now amounts to euro 3,889,981.12 (from € 3,908,400.00 before the reduction), divided into 48,624,764 common registered shares (from 48,855,000 common registered shares before cancellation), with a nominal value of € 0.08 each.


On 10/09/2021 the decision number 98817 / 09.09.2021 of the Ministry of Economy and Development was registered in the General Commercial Register (G.E.M.I.) which approved the amendment of article 3 of the Company's Articles of Association.


The Committee on Corporate Operations of the Athens Stock Exchange was informed about the said reduction of the share capital due to the cancellation of the Company's own shares during the meeting of 16/09/2021.


Following the above, the date of cancellation and delisting from the Athens Stock Exchange of the above treasury shares was set at 21/09/2021, the date from which their trading ceases.


For more information, shareholders should contact the Investment Relations Department of the Autohellas Group at



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