Altec in strategic cooperation with Lockheed Martin

ALTEC singed an agreement of strategic collaboration with Lockheed Martin, confirming the international orientation and the expansionary strategy of its activities through the assumption of significant projects in the international market.

ALTEC's selection was based on the specialised solutions designed by the R&D department and thereafter completed by the Company's Department of Defence Sector which is active since 1996.

The agreement concerns the design and development of the Integrated Battle Wing Information System. The gravity of this work requires high standards and strict processes, as well as top notch technology that ALTEC secures.

The initial phase of the agreement concerns a project that will exceed 11 millions dollars, and is expected to be materialized within an 18 months period, while possible extensions of the project have already been streamlined. The specialised applications that are developed in the framework of this project ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of aircrafts, as well as the total support of administrative services of Battle Wings.

Lockheed Martin is a leading multinational company in system integration, active in the sectors of aeronautics, Space applications and more specifically, in the key sector of defence industry with the provision of technological services.

Prospects presented by this collaboration, relate to the installation of this specialised software by ALTEC and the co-exploitation of this model with Lockheed Martin for the computerization of corresponding Battle Wings all over Greece as well as abroad.

With the undertaking of this project, ALTEC highlights its potentials, confirms the accuracy of its entrepreneurial choices made up to now, as well as the high performance of its investments realized in Greece and abroad.


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