Axia e-Shareholders' Meeting

The ATHENS EXCHANGE GROUP has developed the electronic platform AXIA e-Shareholders' Meeting to provide remote General Meeting services, in real-time, by teleconference to listed companies.

The AXIA e-Shareholders' Meeting platform provides a comprehensive solution for the realization of a General Meeting remotely, ensuring the safety and reliability of the process, based on the requirements of corporate law.

Basic services

  • Facilitation of shareholder identification
  • Conducting voting
  • Recording and counting of the votes
  • Real time monitoring of the General Meeting via video conference, where participants can take the floor and address to the General Meeting
  • Customization of the service, according to the company's instructions
  • Support at all stages of the General Meeting, from the preparation to the completion of its conduct


Log in to the AXIA e-Shareholders Meeting electronic platform:

  •  as a shareholder by clicking here (AXIA e-SM shareholder)
  •  as an issuer by clicking here (AXIA e-SM issuer)

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